Postshot User Guide

Postshot User Guide

Welcome to Postshot!

Generating new images from a video or a set of photos has long been a goal of computer vision research. Recent advances in machine learning and neural rendering have finally made this goal a practical reality. We can now reconstruct the scene captured by the camera and render photorealistic images from new perspectives, using different lenses, focal-lengths, fields-of-view, crop and compose the scene in 3D, animate new camera trajectories and more.

Postshot offers an end-to-end solution for tracking, training, editing and rendering radiance fields within a user-friendly, seamless workflow. Explore the world of radiance fields and bring it to production.

Beta Testing

Postshot is currently in Beta. It is not yet feature-complete or stable. We invite you to use the software as you see fit, request features, report issues and explore the possibilities.

Your feedback is much appreciated. Please send your questions and feedback via Discord or email to

Reporting Bugs

Please always include the following information with your bug report:

  • A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem
  • The Postshot log file %USERPROFILE%\PostshotData\postshot.log
  • If the problem occurred during training, please provide the input images or video if possible.
  • If the Postshot app crashed, please include the latest crash dump from %USERPROFILE%\PostshotData\CrashDumps.