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After Effects

  • Added Scene Transform parameter
  • Added Crop Box parameter
  • Fixed occasional incomplete/flickering renders
  • Fixed an unnecessary error message during startup
  • Effect was not re-rendered after loading a scene


  • Support rotate/scale/translate tools on radiance fields to edit scene transform
  • Added Crop Box child to radiance field nodes to focus rotate/scale/translate tools
  • Crop Box was not applied to Splat model



  • Support importing multiple image folders as one training set
  • EXIF metadata was not converted correctly, leading to tracking quality loss in some cases
  • Fixed a bug in image pre-processing that lead to loss in Splat training quality in some cases
  • Reduced peak memory usage when pre-processing images, preventing stalls on large image sets/long movies in some cases
  • Import of COLMAP databases did not use the correct sub-model of multi-model reconstructions
  • Fixed crash when trying to track images with different dimensions
  • Some PLY splat files were not imported correctly


  • PLY splat exports did not load correctly in some Unreal Engine plugins

Camera Navigation

  • Hide&lock mouse cursor when dragging viewport camera
  • Added Unreal Engine-style dolly/pan controls (RMB + drag in ego mode)
  • Added Camera Move Speed parameter (below /Scene) to control speed of WASD viewport controls
  • Added camera move up/down actions with default shortcuts Q and C


  • Display number of splats in Radiance Field parameters
  • Reduced recommended maximum number of images to 400 to avoid unintentionally running long tracking jobs
  • Display additional information in ImageSet parameters
  • Display App version used to track, train and modify a file for better file version management
  • Show App version in Log view after startup
  • Added Open Log Folder shortcut button in Log tab
  • Paste-from-clipboard did not handle non-ascii characters correctly (e.g. in login dialog)
  • Fixed frozen UI when pausing tracking
  • Fixed frozen UI when restoring minimized window
  • Start-train button remained checked even after aborting via confirmation dialog
  • Model profile was not reset after rejecting re-training
  • Docks were not restored when UI state was not stored correctly


  • Auto-install app updates (io. only downloading) when confirmed by user
  • Added desktop notification for app updates