Reactions User Guide

Reactions is a toolkit for physically based animation built for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artists and technical directors. It is the evolution of TurbulenceFD that advances versatility, performance and workflows. Reactions includes tools for volumes (like fire, smoke or clouds), particles and procedural SDFs. But it allows for substantial extensibility of its framework that also handles polygon meshes and curves. Both builtin and user-created extensions use GPU and CPU hardware.

Reactions includes ready-made, dynamic assets and allows artists to create their own to re-use and compartmentalize their work.

Reactions provides a standalone app as well as plugins for Cinema 4D R20 and later.

Beta Testing

Reactions is currently in Beta. It is not yet feature-complete or stable. We invite you to use the software as you see fit, request features, report issues and explore the possibilities. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Please post your questions and feedback in the Reactions Beta Forum or send them via email to

Remember to save your projects (more) frequently to avoid losing changes in case of a crash.

Reporting Bugs

Please always include the following information with your bug report:

  • The Reactions log file %USERPROFILE%\ReactionsData\reactions.log
  • A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem
  • A minimal test scene if necessary to reproduce the problem
  • If Cinema 4D crashed, please include the file from %APPDATA%\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D R2x...\_bugreports.
  • If the Reactions app crashed, please include the latest crash dump from %USERPROFILE%\ReactionsData\CrashDumps.