Reactions User Guide



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Installation Instructions

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • Cinema 4D integration requires R20 or later
  • GPU simulation requires an Nvidia GPU with CUDA CC 3.5 or later (see
  • Redshift integration in standalone app requires Redshift v3.0.36.
    Redshift in C4D is unaffected by this requirement.


  • [Advect] Fixed velocity clipping issue.
  • [C4D] Sequence render to Picture Viewer messed up the cache in several situations.
  • [C4D] New Turbulence node did not map to C4D Tag.
  • [C4D] Fixed: 2D Vector parameters were not mapped to Attribute Manager.
  • [Docs] Added Reactions User Guide/Standalone App/Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • [ProjectVelocity] Added Dilation Sensitivity parameter.
  • [Rake] Added type extensions.
  • [RakeNode] Added Node Config switches Enable Asserts and Enable OOB Protection.
  • [TextEdit] Added Ctrl+Up/Down single-line scrolling w/o moving cursor.
  • [TextEdit] Added Ctrl+Left/Right move to prev/next token.
  • [TextEdit] Added Ctrl+G Go To Line action.
  • [UI] Updated icons with pixel accuracy and new style.