Reactions User Guide



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System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • GPU simulation requires an Nvidia GPU with CUDA CC 3.5 or later (see
  • (optional) Cinema 4D R20 or later
  • (optional) Redshift v3.0.53 or newer.


  • [Activation] Fixed error during login on some systems.
  • [C4D] Support C4D Material tags to map REA material node connections.
  • [C4D] Fixed: transform rotation order was not bridged correctly.
  • [C4D] Fixed: Cache mode was not restored correctly when switching scenes.
  • [C4D][Volume] Compute collision object velocities from C4D objects.
  • [DFG] Fixed missing viewport updates in some cases when changing material parameters.
  • [Particles] Moved ParticleMaterial parameters to ParticleEmitter/Viewport tab.
  • [Particles] Added Perturbation to DragAndWind modifier.
  • [SDK] Added interfaces to Volume and Particle objects.
  • [SDK] Added interface to VolumeMaterial.
  • [SDK] Added interfaces for node access, export and import.
  • [UI] Fixed hang in CodeEditor when switching between files in some cases.
  • [UI] Volume channel selection lists were not updated when only channel type changed.
  • [UI] Updated Voxelize node/tag icon to associate with Volume Grid.
  • [UserGuide] Updated Project Velocity page
  • [Viewport] Moved viewport-only Show Blocks/Box parameters to to VolumeGrid/Viewport tab.
  • [Viewport] Added Use Material and Channel parameters to VolumeGrid/Viewport.
  • [Volume] Turbulence: simplified mask parameterization (see User Guide on Turbulence).
  • [Volume] Channels were not cleared inside solids in some node sequences.
  • [Volume] Added collision channel in default config.